Brora, Sutherland KW9 6LB
Current Owners UDV
Location Highlands
Water source The Clynemilton Burn.
Stills 3 x wash stills and 3 x spirit stills.
Capacity per year 3,400,000 Litres
Status Active/Producing

1819 Founded by Marquis of Stafford
1828 James Harper
1846 George Lawson
1878 George Lawson & Sons
1896 James Ainslie & Co. Reconstructed.
1912 Clynelish Distillery Co Ltd (Distiller Company Ltd (DCL) and John Risk)
1916 John Walker & Sons Ltd acquired a stake
1930 Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. (SMD)
1931-39 Silent
1969 New Clynelish distillery (Built by SMD) opened and the original distillery renamed Brora