Banff (子豚)

Inverboyndie, Banffshire, Scotland
Current Owners United Distillers
水源 Springs on Fiskaidly Farm. (フィスケイドリーの泉)
発酵槽 -
蒸留器 初×3基 再×3基
ブレンド銘柄 スレイター ロジャーブレンド

1824 Banff Distillery was first established in 1824 as the “Mill of Banff”, then “Inverboyndie Distillery” by James (Mc)Killigan.
1863 A new Banff distillery is rebuilt on a different site after fire damage by James Simpson Jr.
1877 Distillery is rebuilt after another fire.
1933 The distillery came under the ownership of Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. (SMD).
1941 On August 16th 1941 a single enemy aircraft bombed the site in the second world war.
1983 Whisky production finally stops and distillery was demolished.