Glentauchers ()

Mulben, Keith, Banffshire AB55 6YL
Current Owners Allied Distillers
水源 Rosarie Burn (via a large reservoir)  (貯水したローザリー川の水)
発酵槽 カラ松
蒸留器 初×3基 再×3基
Capacity per year 3,400,000 Litres
ブレンド銘柄 ブラック&ホワイト ロイヤルハウスホールド バランタイン

1898 Established by the Glentauchers Distillery Co (collaboration of three associates from W.P. Lowrie & Co Ltd and James Buchanan & Co Ltd)
1903 Became Glentauchers-Glenlivet Distillery Co Ltd
1906 Acquired by James Buchanan & Co Ltd
1925 Became part of Distiller Company Ltd (DCL)
1930 Taken over by Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. (SMD)
1965-66 Extended from 2 to 6 stills
1985 Mothballed by UDV
1989 Purchased by Allied Distillers