Glen Grant (グラント一族の谷)

Rothes, Morayshire AB38 7BS
Current Owners Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A
水源 The Glen Grant Burn. (グレングラント川)
発酵槽 オレゴン松×10基
蒸留器 初×5基 再×5基
Capacity per year 5,900,000 Litres
ブレンド銘柄 クィーンアン サムシングスペシャル シーバスリーガル 100パイパーズ

1840 Established by John Grant
1897 Major Grant built Glen Grant No2 (Later renamed Caperdonich) across the road
1961 Glen Grant was the best selling whisky in Italy and still is
1973 Stills increased from 4-6
1977 Acquired by Seagram (Chivas) and Stills increased from 6-10
2006 Purchased by Italian drinks giant Campari