Glenburgie ()

Forres, Morayshire IV36 2QY
Current Owners Pernod Ricard
Location Speyside
Water source Local Springs (500メートル離れた泉の水)
発酵槽 オレゴン松×6基 ステンレス×7基
蒸留器 初×2基 再×2基
Capacity per year 4,000,000 Litres
ブレンド銘柄 バランタイン アンバサダー

1810 Reported to have been established
1829 Current distillery producing under name of Kilnflat
1870 Closed
1878 Resurrected as Glenburgie
1930 Operated by Hiram Walker
1936 Purchased by Hiram Walker
1958 2 Lomond stills added (known as Glencraig)
1981 Lomond stills removed