ドーノッホ蒸留所トンプソンブラザーズ TB/BSW (Thompson Bros Blended Scotch Whisky) 



Aiming for the flavor profile of an old style sherry cask blended whisky, Highland single malts and grains aged 6 years or more were carefully selected and blended at the Donoghoe distillery.
After blending, the whisky was slowly watered down to 46% alcohol by volume, resulting in a perfectly balanced blended whisky that is very easy to drink and has a strong aroma.
Enjoy this highly versatile and versatile whiskey the way you like it, the way you like it, and the way you like it!

NOSE: Plum sauce, miso, Maggi (instant noodles), golden sultana raisins, cinder toffee, coffee pastry cream
PALATE: Golden Sultana Raisins, Raisin Bread, Jamaican Butter Cake, Maple Cinnamon
FINISH: Spicy allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon, orange peel, dried figs