Police detain gays: activist

Dozens of gay men who gathered at an outdoor pick-up spot in Beijing were rounded up and detained in a huge police swoop ahead of China”s National Day holiday, an activist said Tuesday.Ugg Boots Classic Cardy

Officers and riot police descended on Mudanyuan, a forested area in northern Beijing that is the capital”s largest gay pick-up spot, late Sunday and Monday, said Guo Ziyang, a project manager at the Beijing Gay Working Group.

“According to those who were there, riot and normal police detained more than 80 people on Sunday, made them register and took photos, and then they let them go,” Guo, whose organisation campaigns for gay rights, told AFP.

“On Monday night they again went to check IDs but I still don”t know whether people were detained.”UGG Knightsbridge

According to the official Global Times newspaper, those who were detained were also required to take a blood test and leave their fingerprints.

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